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Few Ways to Get Your Trip Hazards Removed

You can address concrete problems in many numbers of ways. In this small write-up, we shall try to make you understand various options available so that it is possible for you to make an informed choice and may use your money properly for your property. There are different ways available to repair concrete for removing trip hazards.

Methods of removing trip hazards

  • Ramping

This kind of sidewalk trip hazard repair process is also called patching that can be a low cost and fast repair option. Then the uneven spots are patched and corrected by using the fast drying concrete. This patch is a ramp that creates a kind of slope between the 2 sidewalk slabs. This can be a very short-term repair.

  • Grinding

A grinder grinds away any concrete to make the 2 slabs into more even plane level. This can be a low-cost option and also can be used where the trip hazards are between ¼” to 1”.

However, the grinding process can create a scar on the surface of your concrete. You may get a rough or unprofessional appearance. Here it may be difficult to completely remove any trip hazard and you will have to manage with having scar at number of places on the concrete slab.

  • Cup grinding

Any large angle grinder usually is used for grinding high concrete to meet low concrete. This renting of such type of equipment is bit expensive and also it can create a lot of dust.

  • Mud jacking

In mud jacking process a small hole is drilled with less than 2″ diameter to pump a mixture of cement below the concrete for raising it up to its original level. For sidewalks, driveways or even large concrete slabs that measure 20’x20′, it can be an affordable option. This repair is quite fast and affordable, however for patched holes it may take little longer to get faded to match with the look that of your present concrete.

  • Saw cutting

Here concrete cutting is done by blade to cut horizontally through the trip hazard of high concrete to make it completely flush with any lower concrete. The limitation of this process can be basically due to angle, thickness and integrity of your concrete.

  • The removal and replacement

Removal, demolition and pouring any new concrete.

Trust any concrete professionals

It will be always necessary to consult any professional who can evaluate the entire landscape and the surrounding water sources, concrete integrity, your total project goal and, of course, the budget.

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