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How to Ensure Product Safety During Shipping?

It is not possible to review every shipment, especially since now products are delivered directly to customers from many different manufacturers. However, there is one thing which any company can do to protect their product and image – set appropriate best practices guide for product packaging.

In order to ensure that you are using the best packaging for your product, you must assess the dimensions, weight and type of the product thoroughly. A perfectly sturdy packaging will:

  • Survive after a drop
  • Stand against the pressure of all sides during stacking
  • Protect the product from the vibrations of conveyor belt, transportation, etc.
  • Protect the product from humidity and other climatic conditions

Choosing the right packaging supplies:

Fortunately, now it is pretty easy to acquire custom shipping boxes as per the product requirement. However, instead of simply placing the order, it is good to know and decide what supplies you exactly require. We have mentioned a list of commonly used packaging supplies here.

All these supplies work following one simple rule – protect the product against any damage. Most of them are pretty cost effective, but some are certainly expensive. Nevertheless, in order to ensure that the product is delivered safely, spending on packaging materials is inevitable. Besides, when a customer received a well-packed and undamaged product, you can count on them to purchase from you again. So, here are some commonly used packaging supplies…

  • Polybag: It offers perfect water resistance, but there is no structural strength. It is suitable items which needs protection against water and are already boxed well.

  • Jiffy bag: It is just like polybags, but with extra cushioning. Suitable for non-fragile products.
  • Corrugated boxes: Very strong and sturdy with good structural strength. Ideal for fragile items.
  • Brown paper: Provides good cushioning, but not ideal for heavy object and longer journeys.
  • Corrugated rolls: It is used along with cardboard boxes to provide additional strength and resistance. It is even used to wrap products when multiple items are kept in one box.
  • Bubble wrap: It provides excellent protection against impact and pressure. It is ideal for shipping glass and other fragile items.
  • Air cushions: Provides perfect cushioning to products, especially when the box is larger than the product. However, using them can turn out pretty expensive.

So, there you go. Now you know what different packaging supplies are available in the market, and depending on the product, you can select one or multiple. All in all, be a company which always delivers damage free products.

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