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What Makes Remanufactured Power Transformers a Better Option?

Reconditioned or remanufactured power transformer has been deemed an excellent alternative for any facility in the electrical distribution or manufacturing industry. The major benefits of investing your hard-earned money in remanufactured transformer have been the speed of replacement. The time taken for replacing the transformer struck by lightning, having a catastrophic failure or internal fault and bringing the replacement transformer back in service has been significantly essential to the owners.

When you actually replace any piece of equipment, the speed has always been of great concern. Regardless, how small or large your facility or the kind of industry you serve, those who would require power for maintaining normal business operation would look forward to having minimum downtime when it comes to having the lights back on. It would not matter if it has been a huge utility company or industrial plant, a refinery or coal mine, everyone would require power, and when it actually goes out, you would require it comes back on quickly.

Unfortunately, time may not be on your side. The delay between transformer replacement and failure could prove costly and its where remanufactured and reconditioned could prove highly valuable.

Several companies have remanufactured replacement transformer ready for immediate shipping. In most cases, it would be delivered in two to four weeks. A reconditioned unit would take around six to sixteen weeks. Regardless of the case, you would be required to deal with fewer weeks without a reliable power source without burning a considerable hole in your pocket.

Having to wait four to five months for a customized replacement for a failed transformer could hamper any business along with the customers. Several people would inquire about the time taken for receiving a replacement transformer. The answer would be simple, as manufacturers would rarely keep transformers in stock. However, if the manufacturers would actually keep a spare transformer, chances of it fitting the right size and specifications would be highly low.

In the electrical and manufacturing distribution industry, everything has been specifically built to order. In event of the failed transformer sitting between primary and secondary switchgear, it could be difficult to place one between the prevalent two. Therefore, if there has been an immediate requirement for a particular kind of replacement transformer, several would resort to the best in business companies. These companies would cater you with quick turnaround time solutions from remanufactured transformers that would be a perfect match for most needs.

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